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Insulation Sleeves of Plug Pins Abrasion Test Apparatus

Product details:


The test apparatus is designed and manufactured according to the standard requirement of IEC884Figure28.It is used to test the abrasion resistance of the insulating bushing of the bolt.

This device comprises a horizontally disposed beam, which is pivoted about its centre point. A short length of steel wire, 1 mm in diameter and bent into a U-shape, the base of the U being straight, is rigidly attached, at both ends, to one end of the beam, so that the straight part projects below the beam and is parallel to the axis of the beam pivot.
The plug is held by a suitable clamp in such a position that the straight part of the steel wire rests on the plug pin, perpendicular to it. The pin slopes downwards at an angle of 10° to the horizontal. The beam is loaded so that the wire exerts a force of 4 N on the pin.The plug is moved backwards and forwards in a horizontal direction in the plane of the axis of the beam, so that the wire rubs along the pin. The length of the pin thus abraded is approximately 9 mm, of which approximately 7 mm is over the insulating sleeve. The number of movements is 20 000 (10 000 in each direction) and the rate of operation is 30 movements per minute. The test is made on one pin of each specimen.
After the test, the pins shall show no damage which may affect safety or impair the further use of the plug, in particular, the insulating sleeve shall not have punctured or rucked up.


Technical Parameters:

Power Supply 220V 50Hz or 115V 60Hz
Number of Test 1~999999
Rate of Abrading 30±1 movements per minute
Load 4-0.1N
Number of Test Station 1(two working stations can be customized)
Conforms to standard IEC884Figure28,VDE0620 Bile 29,EN50075Fig9,BS1363 Fig 9


Picture view:

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