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1.0J Impact Energy Hammer of IK06

Spring Hammer Test Apparatus (4)

Impact Energy Hammer Standard: IEC60068-2-75.

Impact Energy Hammer Technical parameters:

  1. Length:211mm
  2. Weight:1250g
  3. OD : 50mm
  4. Hammer Weight :60g
  5. Hammer Radius:10mm
  6. The release force of impact: <10N
  7. Impact Components: Including the hit ball handle the hammer ,weight 250g
  8. Hammer head is made from white polyethylene imine first .
Impact Emergy Error
1.0 J ±0.05J

Impact Energy Hammer Application:

Impact hammer are used to check the durability of enclosure for electrical appliance of other electronic product.

The Impact Hammer simulates the mechanical impact to test household and similar electrical appliance shell ,lever,handle,knobs,light and other shell to withstand mechanical shocks.

Spring Hammer Test Apparatus (1)
Spring Hammer Test Apparatus (1)

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