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IPX3-IPX4 Oscillating Tube spraying and splashing water Test device
The IPX3/4 grade waterproof test equipment is used to check the shell and seal of electric and electronic products after water test, or whether it can guarantee the good performance and technical state of the equipment and components during the test.
IPX3-4 is designed according to IEC60529 clause 14.2.3 and 14.2.4. It is applied to simulate the electronics, luminaire, electric components and auto parts under the conditions of spraying water and splashing water, and then to check if they can meet the requirements.
IEC60061-3,7006-27B-1 “Go”gauges for E27 caps on finished lamps IEC60061-3,7006-28A-1 “Not Go”gauges for E27 caps on finished lamps IEC60061-3,7006-27C-1 “Go”gauges for dimension “S1″ of E27 caps on finished lamps
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