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IPX3 and IPX4 Oscillating Tube IEC60529

IPX3 and IPX4 Oscillating Tube
IPX3 and IPX4 Oscillating Tube

IPX3-4 Oscillating Tube


IPX3-4 is designed according to IEC60529 clause 14.2.3 and 14.2.4. It is applied to simulate the electronics, luminaire, electric components and auto parts under the conditions of spraying water and splashing water, and then to check if they can meet the requirements.


● For IPX3 and IPX4 testing

● The shell of the equipment and turntable are made by SUS304# stainless steel, to ensure rustless.

● Adopts double pillars structure, easy to install and stable rotation.

● Equip with adjustable trundles, makes the equipment easy to move.

● The tank is under the equipment, auto to control the water level with the help of Water floating ball valve , and alarm at high or low level to protect from the damage caused by low water level.

● Oscillating tube drive: Adopts Panasonic serve motor, with features of low noise and high accuracy.

● Turntable drive: adopts Chinese branded step motor, can adjust the speed and angle by touch screen, and auto control the directions (fit for the samples to do live test).

● Time setting for power: power off: 0-999min-power on: 0-999min-power off: 0-999min

● Control components: 7 inch touch screen+ Panasonic PLC.


Model IPX34C
Tube Radius R1600 R1400 R1200 R1000 R800 R600 R400 R200
Outer size (L*W*H, m) 4*3.2*2.8 3.6*3*2.6 3.2*2.4*2.4 2.8*2.2*2.2 2.4*1.8*2 2*1.4*1.8 / /
Delivery rate (L/min) 0~10 0~10 0~6 0~6 0~4 0~3 / /
Diameter of turntable Φ1000 Φ1000 Φ800 Φ800 Φ600 Φ600 / /
Height of turntable (mm) 1750~2350 1750~2350 1350~1950 1350~1950 950~1550 550~1000 / /
Aperture of nozzles 0.4 mm
Tube angle 1200 (IPX3), 3600 (IPX4) or user-defined
Rotation speed of tube 4s for 2*1200, 12s for 2*3600 or user defined
Material of tube SUS304 stainless steel
Rotation speed of turntable 1~5r/min
Protection Electric leakage, hydropenia, short circuit
Working power 220V, 50/60Hz, 1KW
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