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Working Principle Of IPX3/4 Grade Waterproof Test Equipment

The IPX3/4 grade waterproof test equipment is used to check the shell and seal of electric and electronic products after water test, or whether it can guarantee the good performance and technical state of the equipment and components during the test.

Working principle:

1, pendulum swing: through the stepper motor, PLC (imported) drive reducer, through programmable logic controller set automatic completion;

2, the worktable rotates: the motor drives the turbine to decelerate and rotates, so as to achieve the rotating speed of the worktable.

3, nozzle: according to the size of the specimen, determine the bending radius of the tube. The nozzle is a detachable special nozzle, and the nozzle can be replaced at any time according to the standard required aperture, so that the ejected water droplets are uniform and the flow is sufficient.

4, waterway: the open swing pipe must be drained when it is raining, so it should be considered in civil construction, so that it can discharge quickly and do not accumulate water.

The IP (INGRESS PROTECTION) protection level system is drafted by IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION), and the electrical apparatus is classified according to its characteristics of dust prevention and moisture resistance. The external objects, such as the tools, the fingers, and so on, can not touch the electrified parts of the electric appliances so as to avoid electric shock. The IP protection level is made up of two numbers. The first numbers indicate the grade of electrical dust-proof and the prevention of foreign invasion. The second numbers indicate the degree of airproof and water intrusion. The larger the number, the higher the protection level.

IP said Ingress Protection.IEC IP (into the protection) protection level of safety protection of electrical equipment is important. IP protection system provides a dustproof, electrical equipment and packaging of waterproof and anti collision degree to classify the products, this system has been recognized by most European countries, the International Electrotechnical Association IEC (International Electro Technical Commission) and IED529 (BS in the draft, EN 60529:1992 (IP) packaging protection grade code) announced.

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