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Apparatus for verification of maximum and minimum force

Product details:


This Tester is designed to meet the exacting requirements of major international standards such as IEC 60884-1 Fig 18 and Fig 19. It is used to test whether the maximum force of pulling the plug from the socket and the minimum force of pulling the single plug pin from the plug bush is in the range of the standard required. The clamping system is easy to operate.

The top plate swivels up from a horizontal position to a vertical orientation and the clamping device can be rotated in the top plate. These features allow the device to be set up in many different configurations to meet different standard requirements. Standard plugs and weights are supplied to perform testing on sockets rated up to 16A.
Pin gauges and the appropriate weights for testing minimum withdrawal force are sold separately. The required dimension of the pin gauge needs to be specified by the customer.
Test plugs made from hardened steel with roughness not exceeding 0.8mm.
Top plate pivots from horizontal to vertical.


Technical parameters:


1、It is equipped with 10A ambipolar plug ,the three pole plug of 10A and 16A and the testing standard plug pin of 10A、16A.

2、It is also equipped with a set of weight and a set of clamping system.

Rated value Number of poles Pulling force(N)
The maximum measure gauge of multipole plug pin The minimum measure gauge of Single plug pin The maximum measure gauge of single plug pin
≤10A 2 40 1.5 17
3 50
>10A~16A 2 50 2 18
3 54
More than 3 70
>16A~32A 2 80 3 27
3 80
More than 3 100


Picture view:

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