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Apparatus for Verifying of Maximum & Minimum Withdrawal Force

IEC 60884-1 2013 clause 22 and figure 18 and 19

Apparatus for verification of maximum and minimum force  
Product details: The Socket and Plug Strength Tester is designed to meet the exacting requirements of major international standards such as IEC 60884-1 Fig 18 and Fig 19. The clamping system is easy to operate. The top plate swivels up from a horizontal position to a vertical orientation and the clamping device can be rotated in the top plate. These features allow the device to be set up in many different configurations to meet different standard requirements. Standard plugs and weights are supplied to perform testing on sockets rated up to 16A.
Pin gauges and the appropriate weights for testing minimum withdrawal force are sold separately. The required dimension of the pin gauge need to be specified by the customer.
Test plugs made from hardened steel with roughness not exceeding 0.8mm.
Top plate pivots from horizontal to vertical.


Using for IEC60884 Figure 13 Testing:

  1. Each specimen is mounted on a vertical surface with the plane through the socket-contacts
    horizontal. The device is then fully engaged and a weight hung on it such that the force exerted is 5N.
  2. The device is removed after 1 min and the socket-outlet turned through 90 degree on the mounting
    surface. The test is made four times, the socket-outlet being turned through 90 degree after each engagement.
  3. During the test the device shall not become disengaged from the socket-outlet.
    4. After the tests, the socket-outlets shall show no damage within the meaning of this standard; in
    particular, they shall comply with the requirements of clause 22


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