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Bending Moment Equipment


Socket-outlet Torque Balance
Bending Moment Equipment


Product information:


The J&Y plug torque tester conforms to the standard of IEC60065 figure 11. It is used for checking whether the mechanical stress which occurs when the Direct Plug-in Equipment with plug pin normally insert into the socket is in the required range.

A device provided with pins intended to be introduced into fixed socket-outlets shall not impose undue strain on these socket-outlets.
The balancing arm of the test apparatus pivots about a horizontal axis through the centre lines of the contact tubes of the socket-outlet at a distance of 8 mm behind the engagement face of the socket-outlet.
With the device not in engagement, the balancing arm is in equilibrium, the engagement face of the socket-outlet being in the vertical position.
After the device has been engaged, the torque to be applied to the socket-outlet to maintain its engagement face in the vertical plane is determined by the position of a weight on the balancing arm. The torque shall not exceed 0.25 Nm.


Technical parameters:


Weight 2.5N*1, 1N*1
Plug UL plug*1, Australia plug*1,all-purpose plug*1
Conforms to standard IEC60884,VDE0620,IEC60598,IEC60065Fig11
Arm of force 0-200mm
The distance from the contact surface and the Axis of the surface 8mm


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Bending Moment Equipment
Socket-outlet Torque Balance
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