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Clamping Device Test Machine


Terminals with screw clamping shall be so designed and constructed that they clamp the conductor(s) without undue damage to the conductor(s).

Appliance is apparatus of checking damage. The terminal is placed in the test apparatus according to tester and fitted with rigid, solid, stranded and/or flexible conductor(s), according to standard first with the smallest and then with the largest nominal cross-sectional area, the clamping screw(s) or nut(s) being tightened with the torque according to standard.
The length of the test conductor shall be 75 mm longer than the height (H) specified in standard.
The end of the conductor is passed through an appropriate bushing in a plate positioned at a height (H) below the equipment, as given in standard. The bushing is positioned in a horizontal plane such that its centre line describes a circle of 75 mm diameter, concentric with the centre of the clamping unit in the horizontal plane; the platen is then rotated at a rate of (10 ± 2) r/min.
The distance between the mouth of the clamping unit and the upper surface of the bushing shall be within ±15 mm of the height specified in standard. The bushing may be lubricated to prevent binding, twisting, or rotation of the insulated conductor.
A mass as specified in standard is suspended from the end of the conductor. The duration of the test is approximately 15 min. During the test, the conductor shall neither slip out of the clamping unit nor break near the clamping unit, nor shall the conductor be damaged in such a way as to render it unfit for further use.


Technical parameters:

Power Supply: 220V 50Hz or 115V 60Hz

The range of counting number: 1~9999(150 times(15 min) is by default.

Rate of Testing: (10±2)r/min

Weight: 300g/400g/700g/900g/1400g/2000g*1(it can be customized)
Diameter of gyration:75mm
Diameter of bushing hole (mm): 6.5,9.5,13,14.5(it can be customized)
Height(H)(mm): 260,280,300,320mm
Conforms to standard: IEC60884Figure11,VDE0620,IEC60947.1 Figure 1

Nominal cross-sectional area of conductor ( mm²) Diameter of bushing Hole( mm)  Height (mm) Mass for conductor (kg)
0.5 6.5 260 0.3
0.75 6.5 260 0.4
1.0 6.5 260 0.4
1.5 6.5 260 0.4
2.5 9.5 280 0.7
4.0 9.5 280 0.9
6.0 9.5 280 1.4
10.0 9.5 280 2.0
16.0 13.0 300 2.9
25.0 13.0 300 4.5
35 14.5 320 6.8
1、 The height:±15mm。

2、 If the bushing-hole diameter is not large enough, you can choose the larger one.


Picture view:


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