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Climatic Chamber

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This chamber is in accordance with the IEC60884.1 standard which is used for the heat ageing test and electrical insulation test of the plasticity material (rubber, plastic). It is equipped with the digital display of the temperature through the temperature can be arbitrarily set from room temperature to 300℃ and the setting temperature can be kept automatically. The numerical control is made by the PID adjustment automatically. The testing time can be preset. There is a rotating turnplate with low speed. Thus each sample is under the same temperature condition to get the consistent testing consequence.
Technical parameters
1、the size of working box(mm):450x450x450mm
2、material:stainless steel
4、the maximal temperature :RT0°~R300℃
5、temperature fluctuation:1℃
6、turning speed of the sample:11-12r/min
7、ventilation volume:8-20times/h
8、wind speed:0.5-1.5m/s
9、power voltage:220V 50Hz
10、the carton size(mm):870x630x1330mm


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