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CO2 Incubator

CO2 Incubator


Carbon dioxide cell culture tank is used for the cultivation of biological cells, tissues and bacteria in modern medicine, medicine, biochemistry, agricultural science and other scientific research institutions and industrial production departments.


  • Biological cells
  • Bacteria
  • Biochemistry


Model JY-ETC-YTP85






Volume(L) 85 165 270
Temperature range(℃) Room Temperature +3~60℃
Temperature resolution (℃) 0.1
Temperature fluctuation(℃) ≤±0.2
Temperature uniformity(℃) ≤±0.3
CO2 Concentration control range 0~20% Imported infrared sensor ; CO2 control accuracy±0.1%
Internal material SUS 316 Stainless steel
Humidity range 40%~95%RH
Power supply AC220V,50HZ
Power(W) 600 900 1400
Inner chamber size(cm)W×D×H 40×42.5×50 50×51×65 60×60×75
External dimension(cm)W×D×H 55×57×80 63×69×100 72×75×110
Net weight / Gross weight(kg) 59/92 83/120 132×165


☆ Adopting water jacket or air jacket structure, the studio is made of high quality stainless steel plate and has air duct. The fan is equipped with forced convection to improve the uniformity of temperature and CO2 concentration in the tank.

☆ When the door is opened, the fan is automatically turned off and the heating is stopped to reduce the pollution caused by the entry of air.

☆ Temperature and air circuit control, using microcomputer data analysis and intelligent P.I.D control, liquid crystal display, its high precision and strong anti-interference ability. And the three probes are used to control the box temperature, water temperature and door temperature respectively, so that the studio temperature accuracy is high and the fluctuation is small. (The air jacket type is two probes, respectively controlling the box temperature and the door temperature)

☆ Light touch adjustment switch, light and flexible. Each working state has an LCD indication.

☆ It has many protection functions such as over-temperature, water shortage and gas-breaking to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

☆ Use sterile gas filtration device and UV sterilization lamp to reduce pollution.

☆ Natural evaporation and humidification, so that the working room maintains good humidity and humidity can be displayed.

☆ CO2 inspection adopts imported first-class infrared waveguide patent and gold-plated probe to ensure the accuracy of measurement data. The sensor has a life span of more than 15 years. The CO2 concentration in the studio can be arbitrarily set within the range of 0 to 20%, and the control is controlled by microcomputer data and intelligent P.I.D. It is also available in super concentration. The concentration rises too slowly and the gas is alarmed.

☆ Equipped with leakage protector.

☆ Equipped with an auxiliary thermostat to ensure that the product can work normally even if the main temperature control is out of control.

☆ A new generation of large-screen true color touch screen microcomputer-controlled carbon dioxide cell incubator can accurately and intuitively control the temperature and gas concentration of the incubator, so as to solve the problem that the human-computer interaction cannot be realized in the prior art, and the clear data image display cannot be provided.

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