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Device for testing non-solid pins

Product overview:


The appliance is checked by the test of clause 24 and, for pins which are not solid, by the following test which is made after the test of clause 21. A force of 100 N is exerted on the pin, which is supported as shown in IEC60884-1,  figure 14, for 1 min in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the pin, by means of a steel rod having a diameter of 4,8 mm, the axis of which is also perpendicular to the axis of the pin. During the application of the force, the reduction of the dimension of the pin at the point where the force is applied shall not exceed 0,15 mm. After removal of the rod, the dimensions of the pin shall not have changed by more than 0,06 mm in any direction.


Technical parameters:


1、Steel rod:Φ4.8mm;

2、Load weight:100N;

3、The stress pushed on bolt is from the rotating handwheel operated by manual.

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