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EN50075 Gauges and test Apparatus -Figure1 to Figure10


EN50075 Gauges and test Apparatus


NO. Product name Standard Sheet
1 Gauge for pin diameter EN50075-Figure1-GO
2 Gauge for pin diameter EN50075-Figure1-NotGO
3 Gauge for interchangeability EN50075-Figure2
4 Standard test finger EN50075-Figure3
5 Gauge for checking impossibility of single-pole insertion of plugs into socket-outlets EN50075-Figure4
6 Apparatus for testing cord retention to the accessory EN50075-Figure5
7 Apparatus for flexing test EN50075-Figure6
8 Arrangement for compression test EN50075-Figure7
9 Tumbling barrel EN50075-Figure8
10 Apparatus for abrasion test on insulation sleeves of plug pin EN50075-Figure9
11 Apparatus for compression test for the verification of resistance to heat EN50075-Figure10
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