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IEC 60884 Figure 37 -Ball pressure test apparatus

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Ball pressure test apparatus conforms to many standard requirements like IEC60884-1, IEC60950 and so on. It is used for testing the heat resistance of the electrical enclosure and external parts which are made up with the insulating materials. It is applicable to electrotechnical equipment and its subassemblies and components. It is also used for solid electrical insulating materials except ceramics.
In this test, a conditioned specimen is placed on a preheated support and subjected to a force of 20N applied through a 5mm steel ball. The test stand, specimen and loading device are then kept in an oven at an elevated temperature for an hour. After the hour, the loading device is removed from the sample, the sample is cooled and any indentation is measured. It is important to assure that the test stand has reached a stable elevated temperature as required by the test.


Ball pressure test apparatus Technical parameters:

Ball Diameter: Ø5mm ±0.05mm
Ball Pressure: 20N±0.2N (includes loading device and ball)
Test Stand: 100mm high x 50mm diameter, hole diameter:1.2mm
Material: Stainless steel, Ball: hardened steel
Conforms to standard: IEC60695-10-2(2003), IEC 60884-1figure 37, IEC60320-1, IEC60335-1, IEC60598-1, IEC60950-1.


Ball pressure test apparatus Picture view:

Ball pressure test apparatus
Ball pressure test apparatus
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