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HAST Accelerated Life Test Machine(Extreme Humidity Test Chamber)

HAST Accelerated Life Test Machine


HAST accelerated life test machine(Extreme humidity test chamber) is designed to speed up the test process and shorten the life test time of the product or system under high environmental stress (such as temperature) and working stress (voltage, load, etc. applied to the product). With the improvement of semiconductor reliability, most of the former semiconductor devices can withstand the long-term THB test without failure, so the test time for determining the quality of the finished product is also increased accordingly. In order to improve the test efficiency and reduce the time, the latest is adopted.


  • IC semiconductors
  • Connectors
  • Circuit boards
  • Polymer materials
  • EVA
  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Magnetic materials


Inner chamber size (cm) Φ25*D35 Φ30*D45 Φ40*D55 Φ50*D60 Φ25*D35 Φ30*D45
External size W*H*D (cm) 56*65*105 66*105*125 76*115*135 86*135*145 56*65*105 66*105*125
Temperature range 105℃~132℃ 105℃~142.9℃ 105℃~155℃
Pressure range gauge pressure+0.2~2.0kg/cm² gauge pressure+0.2~3.0kg/cm² gauge pressure+0.2~3.5kg/cm²
Humidity range 65%~100%RH (Adjustable)
Controller HAST-6890 Model Dedicated controller; Chinese/English; USB interface; R-232C interface; Data curve can be download
Resolution Temperature:0.1℃, Humidity:0.1%RH, Pressure:0.1kg/cm²
Range of temp and humidity fluctuation Unsaturated control:±0.5℃/±2.5%RH;

Wetting saturation control: ±0.5℃/100%RH

Temperature/ humidity uniformity ±0.5℃/±5%RH
Bias voltage


NO Standard 8 (8~55 optional), AC and DC 125V 1A
Gas source


External air supply External air supply External air supply
Pressurization time About 45 min About 50 min About 55 min
Cyclic mode Blade forced convection cycle
Internal material SUS#316 stainless steel
External material Cold rolled steel plate anti-static spraying
Insulating material Glass wool
Pressure vessel Heater, Humidifier, Temperature sensor, Sample signal terminal, Convection fan, Convection fan motor, Anti-overheat/dry detection terminal
Sample holder Sample partition (2 layers), special sample holder can be customized
Control panel Controller, Power switch key, Process indicator light, Alarm light, Mechanical pressure gauge, Manual emergency pressure relief valve, USB interface, R-485 interface
Communication function RS-485
Water supply mode Automatic water supply


1.Large-capacity water tank, long test time, fully automatic water supply, the test is not interrupted;
2.A sample signal application terminal that matches the number of samples;
3.It adopts 7-inch true color touch screen, has 250 sets of 12500-segment programs, has USB curve data download function, RS-485 communication interface;
4.Adopt high-efficiency vacuum pump to achieve high purity and saturated steam in the tank;
5.One-piece silicone door gasket, good gas density and long service life;
6.Special equipment can be customized according to different needs of customers (such as: inner box size and deviation can meet different test needs of customers);
7.Customized product racks can be customized according to customer’s product appearance and size;
8.Corresponding to IEC60068-2-66 conditions, with dry and wet bulb temperature sensors that directly measure the temperature and humidity inside the box;
9.It has the functions of slow pressure reduction, exhaust and drainage, and avoids the rapid change of pressure temperature after the end of the test to ensure the correct test results.
10.Over-temperature protection: When the temperature inside the pot is too high, the machine will sound an alarm and automatically cut off the heating power;
11.Anti-scalding protection: made of special materials to prevent the operator from getting hot;
12.Over-pressure safety protection: When the pressure in the pot exceeds the maximum working value, the automatic exhaust pressure relief, extreme over-pressure relief protection, manual emergency pressure relief protection;
13.Mishandling safety device: If the pot door is not closed, the machine will not start;
14.Fault abnormality shut down the whole machine power failure processing and fault prompt

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