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High temperature Indentation Device

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Conforming to many standard requirements, this testing apparatus is used to test the heat resistance of the insulation material. It has a rectangular blade (see figure 41a) with an edge 0,7 mm wide, to be used in the case of round pins, or a blade having a round shape (see figure 41b), with a diameter of 6 mm and an edge of 0,7 mm, in other cases. The specimens are placed in position of the apparatus.


Technical parameters:
The force applied through the blade is 2,5 N.
The apparatus, with the specimen in position, is maintained for 2 h in a heating cabinet at a temperature of (200 ± 5) °C.
The specimen is then removed from the apparatus and, within 10 s, cooled by immersion in cold water.
The thickness of the insulation remaining at the point of impression is measured and shall not have been reduced by more than 50 % of its original value measured at the start of the test.
Number of Test Station:2
Weight: 2.5N*2(it can be customized)
Edge Thickness: 0.7±0.01mm
Conforms to standard: IEC 60884-1 Fig41, VDE0620,BS1363,IEC60598-2-20clause20.15,IEN60811-3-1


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