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IEC 60529 IP X8 Continuous Immersion 6 Bar Pressure Water Tightness Testing Equipment

IEC 60529 IP X8 Continuous Immersion 6 Bar Pressure Numeral 8 Water Tightness Tester

Product Introduction:

This test equipment is designed and manufactured as per Iec 60529  2013 clause 14.2.8.

Test for second characteristic numeral 8: continuous immersion subject to agreement.

Unless there is a relevant product standard, the test conditions are subject to agreement between manufacturer and user, but they shall be more severe than those prescribed in 14.2.7 and they shall take account of the condition that the enclosure will be continuously immersed in actual use.

The test equipment is suitable for IP code degree testing of electrical & electronic products, auto parts, Luminaires and etc.

Technical parameter:

  1. Pressure vessel: stainless steel tank, diameter 0.8 meter, height 1 meter.
  2. Pressure adjustment range: 0 ~ 5bar (can be customized).
  3. Pressure system: Stainless steel pump + frequency converter.
  4. Pressure gauge accuracy: 0.25 degree, range: 6bar.
  5. Test time: 0-99min.
  6. Maximum limit pressure: 6bar.
  7. Pressure protection: Pressure switch protection.
  8. Connect to the water supply equipment by 3/4″high pressure steel wire hose connection

Main configuration:

S/N Item name Specification QTY Remark
1 Storage tank Stainless steel tank, 0.8 meters in diameter, 1 meters high 1 PC
2 Pressure gauge Range 6bar pointer type pressure gauge 1 SET
3 Pressure sensor Range 10bar/4-20ma 1 SET
4 Pipe Stainless steel pipe 1 SET
5 Ball valve 1-1/4″Stainless steel 1 SET
6 Safety valve Safety pressure 6bar/ mechanical type 1 PC

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