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UN ECE R100 R136 IP2X IPX Test Probes


UN ECE R100 Test Probe

The UN ECE R100 IP2X Jointed Test Finger Probe can meet the requirements of UN ECE100 standard.

The UN ECE R100 IP2X Jointed Test Finger Probe is intended to verify the basic protection against access to hazardous parts. It’s also used to verify the protection against access with a finger.

Conforms to:
This is the “international” test probe B required by most IEC, EN and CSA standards, in addition to many UL standards. The Jointed Finger Test is a high-precision probe built in exact accordance with IEC standards such as IEC 60950, IEC 61010, and IEC 61032 and is also used for CSA UN ECE R100 and UL standards.

Test sample: Easily accessible enclosure live parts or mechanical parts.


This test finger probe consists of dito, finger, base and insulated handle which simulates the characteristics of the human hand. It has two movable joints, which can be curved at 90°. Customizable: it can be used for anti-electric shock test when equipped with pluggable banana plugs and amphenol connector at the end of the handle , or used for enclosure protection test when open threaded hole of M6 at the end of the handle (connected with pull and push dynamometer).

Both joints shall permit movement in the same plane and the same direction through an angle of  90o with a 0o to +10o.

Technical Parameters:

Model JY-F2B-F
Name Standard Test Finger With Force
Joint 1 30mm
Joint 2 60mm
Finger length 80mm
Fingertip to baffle 180mm
Cylindrical R2
Spherical R4
Fingertip cutting bevel angle 37 degree
Fingertip taper 14 degree
Test finger diameter 12mm
A-A Section diameter 50mm
A-A Section width 20mm
Baffle diameter 75mm
Baffle thickness 5mm
Force With force of 10N, 20N,30N
Applied standard IEC 60529-1

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