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IEC60068-2-75 ik drop hammer impact tester


Vertical drop hammer test device is designed and manufactured according to IEC60068-2-75 (GB / T2325.55) standard, it is used to carry on the anti-impact ability test to the electrical home appliances and accessories or electronic electrical products or accessories.
The hammer consists of a basic striking element, the drop height being selected from the standard table 2 and falling vertically from the quiescent state to the horizontal surface of the sample. The characteristics of the impact elements shall be as specified in Table 1 of the Standards. The impact member may be guided by a negligible constraint. The guide tube should not come into contact with the sample and keep the hammer free to fall. In order to reduce friction, the length of the impact element should not be less than the diameter, with the pipe to maintain a proper gap.

Technical parameters:

Item Technical parameter
Striking element Impact component Options :1J/2J/5J/10J/20J/50J(option buy)    1JEquivalent mass of impacting element:0.25±2g    2JEquivalent mass of impacting element:0.5±5g 5JEquivalent mass of impacting element:1.7±5g 10JEquivalent mass of impacting element:5.0±5g 20JEquivalent mass of impacting element:5.0±5g 50JEquivalent mass of impacting element:10.0±5g
Constrain the catheter According to the impact of matching components:1J/2J/5J/10J/20J/50J (option purchase)
Universal fixture Maximum clamping:15KG.
Impact release Manual, magnetic type. Sided four-bit card slot to facilitate the replacement of impact components.
Drop height Manual adjustable range: 200-1300mm; Effective accuracy: ± 1mm.
Height adjustment Hand wheel, ball-type screw, with the Japanese import rod.
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