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IEC60529 IPX3 IPX4 brass water spray nozzle for hand sprayer

IPX3 and IPX4 spray nozzle Ingress protection test equipment


The Spray Tester IPX 3/4 is a hand-held test device to verify protection against spraying and splashing water. The water pressure can be adjusted using the flow control knob on the device to give the required flow rate. The pressure can be seen on the gauge which is convenient positioned by the Spray Tester IPX 3/4.The spray pattern of the nozzle is made to the specifications of IE60529. The removable shield feature make it easy to test without the interference of the shield .


Spray Tester IPX 3/4 is designed to perform tests in large and small scale products. It is a great option when a portable tester is necessary. The  Spray Tester IPX 3/4 is an alternative to the Oscillating Tube for establishing the degree of protection against ingress water.

The Spray Tester IPX 3/4is intended for use on specimens that will not fit within the diameter of the Tube Tester. The primary IEC tests include IPX3 and IPX4 protection against water spraying and splashing water.

Reference Standard:IEC60529, IEC60598-1, IEC 60335-1, IEC60745-1

No. Item parameter
1 Water supply Water flow rate is 50~150kpa clean water without inclusion.
2 Spray nozzle parameters Number of Holes:121Diameter of Nozzle Holes:0.5mmexternal diameter: 102mM

spherical diameter: S 75.5mm

There is a middle hole and There are 24 holes in the internal circle of holes of which the included angle is   30°. There are 96 holes in the external circle of holes of which the included angle is 15°.


3 Water flow 10L/min±5%,Flow meter is adjustable
4 Range of pressure gauge 0~0.4Mpa
5 Baffle Removable
6 Pressure gauge 0~0.25MPa
7 Site requirements Dedicated IP waterproof test room,The ground should be flat with illuminationWith good function of inflow and drainage. Wall installation
IPX3 and IPX4 Spray Nozzle
IPX3 and IPX4 Spray Nozzle
ipx3-4 spray nozzle tester
ipx3-4 spray nozzle tester
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