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6.2 of IEC62560 Bending moment, axial pull and mass


IEC62560 6.2 Bending moment, axial pull and mass

The value of the bending moment, imparted by the lamp at the lampholder shall not exceed the value given in Table 2.

The bending moment shall be determined by measuring the weight of the lamp (e. g. by means of a balance) at the tip of the bulb of the horizontally held lamp and multiplying this force by the distance between the tip of the bulb and the pivot line. The pivot line shall lie at the bottom end of the cylindrical part (for Edison and bayonet caps) or at the end of the contact pins (for pin caps). It shall be supported by an upright held thin metal sheet or a similar means.

The lamp construction shall withstand externally applied axial pull and bending moment.

For the measurement method, see A.2.1 of IEC 61199.

The mass as given in Table 2 shall not be exceeded.

Table 2 – Bending moments and masses

Cap Bending moment Mass
(Nm) (kg)
B15d 1 *
B22d 2 1
E11 0,5 *
E12 0,5 *
E14 1 *
E17 1 *
E26 2 *
E27 2 1
GU10 0,1 *
GZ10 0,1 *
GX53 0,3 *


* Under consideration.

NOTE 1 For lamps with caps different to those in Table 2, the effect of the bending moment should be regarded and limited. A measurement method for these lamps with these caps is under consideration.

NOTE 2 It should be taken care that the luminaire surface where the lampholder is fixed to can withstand the bending moment. For the calculation of this bending moment, the length of the lampholder needs to be taken into account when measuring the overall length. This should be made sure for the elevated temperature during operation in order to check the possible softening of the surface material.

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