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IK striking elements

IK striking elements, IK01, IK02, IK03, IK04, IK05, IK06 spring hammer test apparatus

spring hammer test apparatus details:

spring hammer tester
spring hammer test apparatus

This spring hammer test apparatus conforms to the standard requirements of IEC60068-2-63、IEC60068-2-75、IEC60335 and IEC60598. As required in the standards, it is used to test the mechanical integrity of product enclosures.  After applying the impact with the hammer, the product is examined with accessibility probes to determine access to shock, energy, and injury hazards.
Body: Includes release mechanism and striking element guide, mass 1250 g.
Striking element: With cocking knob and hammer head, face is polyamide, hemispherical with a radius of 10 mm, hardness of HR85-100, mass 250 g
Release Cone: mass 60 g, 10N release force.

IK01, IK02, IK03, IK04, IK05, IK06 tester
IK striking elements

IK 07, IK07,IK08,IK09 and IK10 striking elements

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