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Insulator Temp Cycling Chamber

Insulator Temp Cycling Chamber


This test equipment is mainly used for insulator thermal cycle test.As the main equipment of the thermal shock test,the test plays an important role in ensuring its quality and improving its reliability.This machine test insulators under temp cycling condition by controlling the test pressure,test times,temperature and so on.It can be handled automatically for abnormal situations.


    • Insulator Thermal Cycle Test


Test Medium Water Temp Range RT. ; High temp: 60℃~90℃
Circulation Frequency 30s Medium Temp 60℃~90℃;  ±2℃
Inner Size WHD 600*600*900mm External Size WHD 800*800*900mm
Time Display By controller Data Save function Yes
Test Times 100,000 (The sample can be tested on one side for one time)


1.Temperature: Cycle pump; Mix pump; Heating device; Temp sensor and level gauge.
2.Data Collection: Pressure sensor; Data collector.
3.Exception Handling: Pressure and data collection

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