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Insulator Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Insulator Thermal Shock Test Chamber


Pipeline system uses a non-welded connection. Test fluid system and drive fluid system separation, test medium diversification products used for insulator thermal shock test.This machine is equipment a Automatic moving cylinder that can make the insulator immersed in water and take out.


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Product Name Insulator Thermal Shock Test Chamber
Model JY-ETC-150S
Principle The insulators is heated by hot air,and was immersed in water and take out by Automatic cylinder.
Test pressure Temp range:20℃-200℃
Accuracy Test pressure value +2% upper limit ,-1% lower limit
Test  Medium Air,water
Pressure control method Instrument control
Environmental temp Room temperature
Sample qty 1 way
Sample installation method
Structure Air heating device、Automatic take-out device
Application Insulator
Drive pressure 0.2-0.8MPa
Drive flow 0.3-1 cube/min
Power 380v
High temp area size W450×H450×D450mm
Inner chamber material SUS3042B super stainless steel plate
Outer chamber material Cold rolled steel plate electrostatic spraying
Insulation material Ultra-fine fiberglass insulation cotton
Heater Stainless steel U-shaped fin heat pipe


1、The test chamber control the temperature automatically through pid controller
2、Advanced technology and excellent structural design. the characteristics is small size, light weight and beautiful appearance.
3、All pressure-bearing parts are internationally famous brands, without any welded connection, easy to disassemble, high safety, long life and easy maintenance。
4、High temp area size:W450×H450×D450mm
6、High temp range:+20℃~ +200℃。
7、Take out the measured medium by pressing the button with hand
8、Driving air:0.2-0.8MPa
9、Cold water area:500*500*500mm
10、Exterior material: high-quality cold-rolled steel plate spray treatment,the thickness should not be less than 1.0mm

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