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IP5X & IP6X Dust Chamber

IP5X,IP6X Dust Chamber JY-DC56

Dust chamber is intended for determining the degree of protection against harmful deposits of dust (IP5X) and against ingress of dust (IP6X). It is designed in compliance with IEC standards (e.g. IEC 60529,)…

The test device is suitable for electrical products’ sand and dust test of first characteristic numeral 5 and 6 (IPX5 and IPX6). It is used to test sealing parts and enclosure’s sand and dust resistance capacity of the electrical and electronic products, car and motorcycles spare parts and seals. In order to detect the use, storage, transport performance of the electrical and electronic products, car and motorcycles spare parts and seals under the sand and dust environment.

This sand and dust test chamber is the same as the requirements of IEC60529-2001. It is with an addition of flow heating device, in order to work under low ambient temperature and heavy humidity conditions. Firstly, put the standard dry talc ( 2kg / m³ ) into the test chamber, then put the sample into the test chamber, after that, start the fan, to achieve a high density dust cloud in the test chamber, until reach to the set running time (generally 8h).






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No. Item Parameters
1 Model SC-DC56-500 SC-DC56-800 SC-DC56-1000 SC-DC56-1500
2 Internal Dimensions (mm) 500×500×500 800×800×800 1000×1000×1000 1000×1500×1000
3 External Dimensions (mm) 950×720×1500 1250×1020×1770 1450×1220×1970 1450×1720×1970
4 Temperature range RT+10~70℃( or other)
5 Relative Humidity 45%~75%(No Display)
6 Mesh Diameter 50um
7 Width of a gap between wires 75um
8 Stone Powder Quantity 2~4kg/m3  (Available upon request to change)
9 Blowing dust time  (stop, blowing) can be adjusted
10 Time range 0-999H
11 Enclosure material A3 plate electrostatic spraying
12 Inner material SUS304 Stainless steel
13 Observation window large observation window in the middle of the door
14 Security


Power overload, short-circuit protection,Ground Protection
15 Vacuum system Equipped with a vacuum pump, pressure gauge, air filter, pressure regulator, connecting pipe
16 Speed of evacuation 0-2400L/H 0-4800 L/H 0-6000 L/H 0-6000 L/H
17 Power Supply 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz




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