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IPX1234 Ingress Protection Test Equipmnent IEC60529 Waterproof Degrees Test Chamber 512L

IPX1& IPX2 Drip Box and IPX3&IPX4 Oscillating Tube test chamber

Product Introduction
IPX1/2, IPX3/4 waterproof degrees test equipment are designed and manufactured according to IEC 60529 < Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)>. This equipment is applied in IPX1, IPX2, IPX3 ,IPX4 waterproof degrees testing purposes, which are widely adopted by luminaire products, electrical and electronic products certification institutions, testing organizations and production enterprises for quality control.


This equipment is suitable for the test of electrical products which are enclosure and sealed in the rain environment whether can ensure the good performance of equipment and components. The scientific design of this equipment, so that the equipment can be realistically simulated dripping water, water spraying, splashing water etc. The application of the comprehensive control system and the frequency conversion technology makes the rotation angle of the test sample rack. The swing angle of the pendulum rod and the swing frequency of the spray water can be adjusted automatically.

Technical parameters

Inner box size (mm) 800×800×800(L×W×H)
Rotating speed(rpm) 1 ~5 adjustable, turntable diameter:300mm(IP 1.2 standard. Turntable can be tilted 15°)
The height of the turntable 200mm, it is adjustable.
Spray ring radius:(mm) 300
Swing angle range of the oscillating tube 45°, 120°,360°
Needle hole(mm) φ0 .4
Distance between holes(mm) 50
Water flow of each hole 0.07 L/min +5%
Spray pressure(Kpa) 80-150
Pendulum swing Max.±150°
Swing speed IP3 15times/min; IP4 5times/min
Testing time 1-999,999min(can be set)
Rain pressure 80~150Kpa (adjustable)
Control system Independent research and development
The distance between the test equipment and the test sample 200MM
Chamber material stainless steel or powder coating
Window Visible toughened glass
Equipped with a modest turntable (used to place the sample) with adjustable speed.

Structural material:

  1. High- quality acid -proof stainless steel 304 inner liner.
  2. Outer box is made of stainless steel 304.
  3. The sample table is equipped with a circular turntable with adjustable speed.

Safety protection device:

  1. Power overload and short circuit protection
  2. Ground protection
  3. Water shortage protection
  4. Alarm ring prompt
IPX1 IPX2 IPX3 IPX4 waterproof test chamber
IPX1 / IPX2 /IPX3 / IPX4 Vertical Drip Rain And Oscillating Tube Testing Chamber
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