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Low-temperature impact test device

Product information:


The SE Apparatus for impact test at low temperature confirms to the standard of IEC60884 figure 27 and figure 42. The first one is fit for impact test of wire while the latter one is applied for the impact test of plug, socket, switch, wire and electrical conduit.


Technical parameters:


This device is used with the cryostat. It should be put in the sponge-rubber pad of 40mm-thickness.

The height of falling: 10~250mm is adjustable.


Low-temperature impact test sample standard Weight of the drop hammer (g) the height of the impact mm remark
The socket box and the similar electrical enclosure GB2099.1-2008 clause24.4, figure 27 1000±2 100 standard
The bolt with insulation sheath GB2099.1-2008 clause30.4, figure 42 100±1 100 standard
The electric cable with PVC sheath GB2951.4 clause8.5,figure 2 100、200、300、400、500、600、750、1000、1250、1500g 100 Optional


For the samples of laying of cable, the weight of the drop hammer required are as follows:


The external diameter of the samples(D/mm) The weight of the drop hammer /g
D≤4.0 100
4.0<D≤6.0 200
6.0<D≤9.0 300
9.0<D≤12.5 400
12.5<D≤20.0 500
20.0<D≤30.0 750
30.0<D≤50.0 1000
50.0<D≤75.0 1250
75.0<D 1500

For the samples of flexible cable and telecommunication cable, the weight of the drop hammer required is as follows:

The  external diameter of the sample D/mm The weight of drop hammer /g
D≤6 100
6.0<D≤10.0 200
10.0<D≤15.0 300
15.0<D≤25.0 400
25.0<D≤35.0 500
35.0<D 600


Picture view:

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