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Mobile outlets mechanical strength tester

IEC60884 test apparatus,Product details


This testing device conforms to the standard of IEC60884 figure 29. It is used to test the mechanical strength of rewirable portable socket-outlet which is equipped with flexible cable.

Test principle: fix the free end of soft to the wall, the fixed point is of 750 mm height from the ground, grasp the specimen to make the soft in the state level, and then drop the sample to the concrete floor eight times. After falling of each time, on the fixed point, turn the soft cable to an angle of 45 °. After the test, the sample should not be damaged in the standard sense; especially parts shall not be loose or fall off.


Technical parameters:


  • The height of dropping:750mm
  • Dropping times:8
  • Rotating device:90°,it can be rotated in all sides.
  • size:L*W*H 2300*500*860mm


Picture view:

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