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NBS Smoke Density Test Chamber

NBS Smoke Density Test Chamber


The Smoke Chamber has proved to be one of the most versatile fire testing instruments since its inception in the 1980s. It is the most widely accepted apparatus for the measurement of smoke from burning materials and measures specific optical density under flaming and non-flaming conditions. It is also used for the extraction of toxic gas.

1.This equipment is satisfied with standards (ASTM E 662, BS6401, ISO 5659, NES 711, NEPA 258, etc).

2.Using ISO 5659 conical radiant heat furnace, We can change the heating condition from 10KW/㎡to 5KW/㎡by user.

3.In the test of NES 711, there are non-flaming test and flaming test in test conditions different from ASTM E 662.


  • Smoke


Rail transit/shipping materials/wires and cables/other fields
1900mm (H) x 1630mm (L) x 660mm (D)
210 KG
Power supply:
220V,30A / Customized
Temperature range:
10 ~ 35 ℃
Gas requirements:
 Air compressor gas source, propane gas
ASTM E662 / ISO:ISO 5659-2 / IMO:FTPC Part 2 /NES:NES 711

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