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Needle Flame Tester

Needle Flame Tester
Needle Flame Tester

Needle-flame Tester -2

It is constructed in compliance with IEC60112 (2003),IEC60745-1, IEC60335-1, IEC60598-1, IEC60884-1,IEC60695-11-5, GB7000.1, GB4207…


Insulation and combustible materials used inside electrical and electronic products may propagate flames when a failed component ignites, which may develop into a fire that endangers the safety of operators and product operation. The Needle Flame Tester is used to assess the fire hazard of such component materials. The test is performed to determine that the test flame does not cause ignition of parts, or that a combustible part ignited by the test flame has a limited duration of burning or a limited extent of burning, without spreading fire by flames or burning or glowing particles falling from the test specimen.

This test is complex and the person performing it should be accurate and maintain good cleansiness of test equipment. The repeatability and comparability of test results depend on many different factors. Therefore we designed Needle Flame Tester with the following goals:

  • Reliability
  • Maximum repeatability of test results
  • Maximum comparability of test results
  • Ease of operation
  • Ergonomical design

Main Features

—Self contained cabinet with large viewing window gives a draft-free test
—Dark interior cabinet color for better test viewing
—Easy access to testing area during setup
—Safety interlock on door halts test if the door is opened
—Internal cabinet light can be turned on during test setup and shut off to give better viewing during the test
—Convenient built-in flame measurement scale
—Built in exhaust fan and control
—Control panel has all controls in easy reach including lighting and exhaust
—Automatic electronic flame ignition with type K thermocouple and temperature control to automatically measure, verify, and adjust the flame temperature and rate of rise time.
—Touch Screen Controller


 The JY-NFT01 Needle Flame Tester is a fully automatic instrument contained in its own cabinet to maximize the safety of the operator. The Needle Flame Tester consists of a Ф0.9mm needle burner that tilts to 45° from the vertical and is fueled with butane gas. The test time for the temperature of the standard copper block to increase from 100℃ ±5℃ to 700℃± 3 ℃ shall be 23.5s ±1.0s. Test flame height is adjusted 12mm ±1mm.The fire hazard of the specimen is assessed by measuring the burning duration of the specimen, and any ignition of the wrapping tissue and white pine board below the specimen. The instrument is designed to conform to IEC60695-11-5, IEC60695-2-2 and other most commonly used standards in the market.

Needle-flame Tester Internal
Needle-flame Tester Internal

Technical Specification

Parameter/ model JY-NFT01
Working voltage 220V/50Hz or 110V / 60Hz
Timing device 9999X0.1S
Combustor Inner boreφ0.5mm ± 0.1mm ,OD ≤φ0.9mm ,L ≥ 35mm,stainless steel
Combustion angle tilt 45°( testing ) or vertical ( when adjust the height of the flame)
Height of the flame 12±1mm adjustable(with flame height gauge)
Gas category  95% butagas ( can use the bottled lighter gas)
Range of temperature test 0~1000℃
Flame warming requirement From 100°to 700°,time for standard values within 23.5S±1S
Temperature thermocouple φ0.5 armour nickel-chromium/nickel aluminum wire K-Thermocouple
Work shop 0.5 cube,staunless steel case,black yogon background,(customizable0.75 cube、1cube)
Testing process Test procedure automatic control,independent air draft
Volume size adjustment Flowmeter adjustment

Accessories (Included in price)
-A white Pine Test Board and five Sheets of Tissue Paper
-A flame height gauge
-White Pine Test Board and Tissue Paper
-Thermocouple Type K and Copper Block

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