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Oscillating Tube Tester for IPX3 and IPX4

Product information

Oscillating tube tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard requirement of IEC60529 IPX3 and IPX4. It is used for the waterproof test of the electrical equipment.

The oscillating tube part of this device is controlled by adjustable-speed motor and crank-link mechanism. This device is reciprocating swing from the place of ±60°to another one of ±175°with the speed required by the standard through machine adjusting angle.

The angle adjustment is accurate. The structure is stable and durable. It is equipped with rotating stage through which the rotating of 90°can be achieved. It is also equipped with clean water filtration unit to prevent the pinhole from jamming.


Technical parameters:

No. Item parameters
1 Power supply Single phase AC220V,50Hz
2 Water supply Water flow rate>10L/min±5% clean water without inclusion.

This device is equipped with clean water filtration unit

3 The size of the oscillating tube R200 、R400、R600、R800、R1000、R1200、R1400、R1600mm  Optional,stainless steel
4 Water hole Φ0.4mm
5 Included angle of two holes IPX3:120°; IPX4:180°
6 pendulum angle IPX3:120°(±60°); IPX4:350°(±175°)
7 Raining speed IPX3:4s/time(2×120°);


8 Water flow 1-10L/min adjustable
9 Testing time 0.01S~99 hours 59mins,can be preset
10 The diameter of rotary plate Φ600mm
11 Speed of rotary plate 1-5r/min,90°place limited
12 Load bearing of rotary plate ≤150㎏electrical equipment (without rotary column);

stand column≤50㎏

13 Pressure gauge 0~0.25MPa
14 Site requirements Dedicated IP waterproof test room,The ground should be flat with illumination

10A waterproof leakage switch(or socket)used for equipment. With good function of inflow and drainage. Ground installation

15 The area According to the oscillating tube chose

Picture view:

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