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Plug set heat insulation tester

Product details:


This device meets the standards of IEC60884-1 figure 40. It is applicable to test improper heating resistance and burning resistance of bolt and plug with insulation sleeve. It can imitate the insulated parts of which the plug-and-socket device’s safety performance may be damaged by electric heat stress. It should not be over damaged for exposure to overheating and under fire.


Technical parameters:


Insulation board: 5 mm thickness round flat surface, the diameter of the two times as test product surface’ diameter;

Metal parts B (Fixture): the length is more than 20 mm, brass, five pieces, can be replaced;

Gap between insulation board and metal parts B: 3 mm, ensuring surrounding cross-ventilation

Distance between thermocouple and the metal parts B: 7 mm;

Bolt hole of Metal parts B: more than 0.1 mm;

Equipped with K-type electric heater, imported high-precision digital-display table


Picture view:

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