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Precision Saly Spray Test Chamber

Precision Saly Spray Test Chamber


Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber is used to test the anti-erosion quality of the surface of all materials after the rust-proof of painting, coating, electroplating, anoding and rust-proof of greasing.anti corrosion treatment for a variety of materials, corrosion resistance of their products.


  • Aerospace
  • Metal Parts
  • Electronics
  • Car Spare Parts
  • Battery


Model JY-ETC-60 JY-ETC-90 JY-ETC-120 JY-ETC-160 JY-ETC-200
Inner size (cm) 60x45x40 90x60x50 120x80x50 160x100x50 200x100x50
External size(cm) 107x60x118 141x88x128 190x110x140 230x120x140 270x150x150
Inside temp Brine test method(NSS ACSS)35°C±1°C/Corrosion resistance test method
Brine temp 35°C±1°C 50°C±1°C
Test chamber volume    108L 270L 480L 800L 1440L
Brine chamber volume    15L 25L 40L 40L 40L
Compressed air pressure 1.00±0.01kgf/cm2
Spray volume 1.0~2.0ml/80cm2/h (Collect at least 16 hours, the average)
Test room relative humidity 85%RH or more
PH 6.5~7.2 or 3.0~3.2
Spray method Programmable spray (including the continuous spray interrupted spray)
Power AC220V1Φ10A AC220V1Φ15A AC220V1Φ20A AC220V1Φ20A AC220V1Φ30A


1.The Laboratory Nozzle Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber is made of transparent materials so that the operator can see the tested sample in it and the spraying situation of the tested sample.
2.A waterproof structure is adopted between the chamber cover and chamber body, thus there is no salt spray overflow.
3.Adopts the tower spraying system and equipped with the salt solution filter system and non-crystal nozzle so as to realize even salt spray distribution and freely adjustable settlement.
4.Control System High precision P.I.D. temperature control meter with its error ±0.1°C.

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