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Rain/Water Spray Test Chamber EN60529 IPX3 IPX4

Rain Water Spray Test Chamber


Rain spray test chamber simulates the watet drip environment to test the water resistance and sealing of the samples during storage, transportation and usage. It is widely applied to electrical and electronic products, lamps and lanterns, electrical cabinet, electrical components, automobile, motorcycle and its spare parts and other products. It provides the basis to improve the performance of the products.


  • LED light
  • Metal Parts
  • Electronics
  • Car Spare Parts
  • Luggage


Model JY-ETC-800P JY-ETC-1000P
Internal Dim.W×H×D(mm) 800×800×800 1000×1000×1000
External Dim.W×H×D(mm) 1250×1800×1100 1750×1850×1300
Spray Type Total Water R1 1.8 IP×1 With in 1~1.5mm/min(In drip box)
 Flow R2 3.2 IP×2 With in 3~3.5mm/min(In drip box)
(L/min) S1 24.5 IP×3 angle±600,R:400mm,1.1L/min
S2 39.2 IP×4 angle±1800,R:400mm,1.8L/min
Pressure of R1 0.1 1.Flow rate of the water=0.07L/min
spray nozzle 2.1P×3,Radius:400mm,16Number or open
(kgf/cm*2) holes=16,total water flow:1:1L/min.
R2 0.3 3.1P×4,Radius:400mm,25Number or open
S1 1 holes=25,total water flow:1:8L/min.
S2 3 *Radius:200mm,R400mm.
(For 1P×3,1P×4 only)


1. Meet the requirement of IEC60529 standard IPX3 water pouring test and IPX4 water splash test.
2. The test sample will be put or installed on the center of the half-round sinuous pipe and make the bottom of the test samples and the oscillating axis in a horizontal position. During test, the sample would spin around the center line.
3. Can manual default the test parameters, complete testing automatically shut off the water supply and pendulum pipe angle automatic zeroing and automatic eliminate seeper, avoid scale blockage needle tip.
4. PLC, LCD panel test procedure control box, stainless steel curved pipe, alloy aluminum frame, stainless steel shell.
5. Servo drive mechanism, guarantee the pendulum pipe angle of precision, the overall pendulum tube structure for hang a wall.
6 Best after sales service: One year free parts maintenance.
7 Customization is available & welcomed.

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