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SANS 164-1ANNEX Gauge

 SANS 164-1ANNEX Gauge
SANS 164-1ANNEX Gauge


J&Y offers a wide range of gauge to meet the most common standards including those from IEC, EN, UL, GB,DIN,VDE and others. Such standards require the checking of size & definition etc. these gauges are constructed from senior stainless steel and appropriate steel with a hardness of at least 60 HRC and a roughness according to standard require. Each gauge is supplied with a certificate of calibration.


Conforms To:

SANS 164-1,SANS 164-2,SANS 164-3,SANS 164-4



Product Model Standard Product Name
SC-S4-11 Edition 5  ANNEX A SANS 164-1
SC-S4-12 Edition 5  ANNEX B SANS 164-1
SC-S4-13 Edition 5  ANNEX  C SANS 164-1
SC-S4-14 Edition 5  ANNEX  D SANS 164-1
SC-S4-15 Edition 5  ANNEX  F SANS 164-1
SC-S4-16 Edition 5  ANNEX  F F.2 SANS 164-1
SC-S4-17 Edition 3 SANS 164-2
SC-S4-18 Edition 3  ANNEX B SANS 164-2
SC-S4-19 Edition 3  ANNEX  C SANS 164-2
SC-S4-20 Edition 3  ANNEX  D SANS 164-2
SC-S4-21 Edition 1.1  ANNEX A SANS 164-3
SC-S4-22 Edition 1.1  ANNEX B SANS 164-3
SC-S4-23 Edition 1.1  ANNEX  C SANS 164-3
SC-S4-24 Edition 1.1  ANNEX  D SANS 164-3
SC-S4-25 Edition 1.1  ANNEX  F.1 SANS 164-3
SC-S4-26 Edition 1.1  ANNEX  F.2 SANS 164-3
SC-S4-27 Edition 1.1  ANNEX  D SANS 164-4
SC-S4-28 Edition 1.1  ANNEX F.2A SANS 164-4
SC-S4-29 Edition 1.1  ANNEX  F SANS 164-4
SC-S4-30 Edition 1.1  ANNEX F.2B SANS 164-4
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