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Termination Retention Electrical Safety Test Equipment

Product information:
This tester is design and manufacturer according to standards GB2693-2011 / IEC60384-1 Clause 4.13.1, 4.13.2, 4.13.3 and GB/T 2423.60 2008 / IEC 60068-2-21 2006 Clause 3 test Ua1, clause 5 test Ub and clause 6 test Uc.
This tester can use to perform 3 different tests of termination: tensile test, bending test and torsion test.
Tensile test force applied with corresponding weights, special design with a motor drive ensure the force progressively, without any shock. Force maintain time can preset, when set time reach, tester release the weight.
Bending test can preset bending angle, bending direction, bending rate and bending times. The operation is convenient.
Torsion test allowing 0-360°full direction torsion, can preset test times, test angle.
Special design and brand components make this tester a good look and easy operate comprehensive test equipment.

Technical parameters:
1. Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz
2. Control: MITSUBISHI PLC + Touchscreen
3. Tensile test: weights to apply vertical tensile force progressively, without shock
4. Weights: 0.5N, 1N, 1.25N, 2.5N, 5N, 10N, 20N, 40N, error within 1%
5. Tensile maintain time: 0-999s, preset
6. Bending test: test one termination each time
7. Bending angle: 0-90°, adjustable,
8. Bending direction: one-side or two-sides
9. Bending test rate: 1-60 times per min
10. Bending times: 1-9999, preset
11. Torsion test: 1-360°, adjustable
12. Torsion times: 1-9999, preset

Termination Retention Electrical Safety Test Equipment
Termination Retention Electrical Safety Test Equipment

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