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Walk-in High Temperature Aging Test Room

Walk-in High Temperature Aging Test Room


Walk-In High Temp Test Room, also known as Burn-in Room, is one of the common equipment in all kinds of aging tests, which widely used in electronic,computer, communication and any other field . It is consist of containment structures, air duct system,control system,indoor test architecture and other components.


  • Vehicles
  • Aerospace
  • Metal Parts
  • Electronics
  • Communication Equipment
  • Computer
  • Plastic and Rubber


Operation model Program or fix point running
Memory capacity 120 programs,1200steps, all repeat 999 cycles,part repeat 99 cycles
Controller Accuracy Temp.:0.1% of F.S±1 digit  Humidity:0.1% of F.S±1 digit
Input Temp.:pt-100, Humidity:pt-100 or ~5V DCV
Comm.port RS-232 or USB (Softawre is option)
Temp. range Maximum:80 ºC,150 ºC;Minimum:-60 ºC,-50 ºC,-40 ºC,-30 ºC,-20 ºC,-10 ºC,0 ºC
Humidity Range 10%~98%
Temp. constancy ±0.5 ºC
Humidity constancy ±2.5%R.H
Temp. uniformity ±2.0 ºC
Humidity uniformity ±5.0%R.H
Ambient Temp. +5 ºC~+35 ºC
Wiring method AC 380±10% 50Hz ,3 phase 4 wires +Ground Wires
Heat up time +20 ºC~+80 ºC,Within 60 min
Pull down time +20 ºC~-55 ºC, -40 ºC,-20 ºC,-10 ºC,Within 120 or 90 or 60  min
Note:1. We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice   2.Customized sizes and configurations available


1.Accurate and precise temperature control .The air system and electric control system are uniquely designed to achieve even temperature distribution within the room ,which is far superior to similar product
2.The temperature setting of the room may very from ambient temperature to 80 degree. Upon customer’s special requirement ,products with even higher temperature can be developed ?
3.The temperatures of several areas inside the room are rolling displayed in order to ensure clear and accurate monitoring of the temperature .
4.The complete protective functions of the system can ensure safe smooth operation of the device for a long time

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